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Spousal Maintenance Alimony

Rock Island Spousal Support Lawyer

One of the most important things to assure in the wake of divorce is financial well-being. Spousal maintenance/support/alimony is one of the most effective tools to ensure this in the immediate aftermath of a divorce, and in the long term. The court is the final authority on appropriateness of alimony. Because there are no specific state guidelines in Illinois, the court will look at each party’s need and ability to pay as well as:

  • Marriage length
  • Prior earning history
  • Future earning potential
  • Non-marital property and asset allocation
    • Based on these various factors, the court will assess the appropriateness of alimony and the amounts and duration. Because of this, the shorter a marriage or the more equal the earning potential, the less likely the court is to award alimony.

      Because there are no specific guidelines in these cases, it is of crucial importance to reach out to a skilled lawyer who will bring comprehensive knowledge to the table to advocate for you.

      Moline Maintenance Attorney

      I have helped hundreds of clients reach best-possible resolutions in family law issues, including those involving spousal maintenance. I am prepared to fuse my comprehensive knowledge of support issues with a personal approach to understanding your unique circumstances.

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Clark Miljush

Clark Miljush