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Allocation Of Property

Rock Island Property Division Attorney

One of the biggest and most immediate concerns about divorce is property division. This requires defining the marital estate and what assets are marital versus non-marital. It is important to realize that Illinois is an “equitable” distribution state, meaning that the asset distribution may not be equal or even fair; the asset distribution will be defined by the court as appropriate given the unique situation.

In some cases, it may be a 50-50 direct split, but it may result in a disproportionate distribution of assets/liabilities depending on factors determined by the court. Because of the nuanced subtlety that asset distribution requires, the skill of an attorney is crucial if you seek to protect your interests and financial well-being.

Quad Cities Asset Allocation Lawyer

My family law experience will help you reach an outcome that is equitable and protects your financial well-being in the long run. Because I work directly with each client, I will take the time to understand your unique circumstances and goals and advocate toward a best-possible outcome. In addition, I will pursue alternative dispute resolution/collaborate divorce methods when appropriate so that we can arrive at a satisfactory outcome. I encourage you to get in touch and schedule an initial consultation.

For more information or to speak directly about Illinois divorce with an experienced Rock Island property division lawyer, please call (309)-752-8500 or email me.

Clark Miljush

Clark Miljush